Wired Soap Cutter Use And Care Instructions

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Wire Multi Soap Cutter Care & use Instructions

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Thank you for purchasing a Moulds Shop Wire Soap Cutter, the instructions below will help you to use and care for you soap cutter.

Using your Cutter: The cutter is made in two parts and attached by a metal hinge at the rear. Due to the weight of upper part of the cutter, care is needed when raising the wired unit before a cut. Do not allow the wired top unit to fall back as this will add pressure to the hinge.

Please use the top side sections of the cutter when pushing down to cut the soap leaving the wired unit down to remove your soap slices. Adding weight to the cross bar may damage your cutter.

For soaps with fancy designs on top, lay your soap on its side, this will preserve the pattern when cutting. The cutter won’t cut through dried roses and so positioning additions to soap is needed.

Cleaning Instructions:  The white plastic grid tray is removable for cleaning; The units now have two screws to keep the base straight and even, these can be unscrewed, gently lift the tray off of the dowels that hold the grid in place. The white plastic grid tray can then be washed in warm water and needs to be dried thoroughly before replacing onto the wooden base for storage. The grid can also be easily swept out with a dry paint brush for speed and ease. The white plastic base needs to be in position on the base of the cutter to keep it straight and even.

The wires on the cutter need to be cleaned after each use to remove soap, care needs to be taken when doing this to avoid cutting your hands.

Depending on which model you purchased, the cutter is varnished, The deluxe model has three coats of varnish, the standard model just one, the wooden parts of the cutter can be wiped down with a damp cloth if needed and then dried thoroughly, Immersing in water may damage the unit. 
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